Dr. Louis Ziegler, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.

Dr. Ziegler is a board-certified holistic chiropractic integrative physician, licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine and has been serving in private practice for over 20 years.  He has been named "Top Physician" by his peers for over 15 consecutive years.  Dr. Ziegler attended the University of Connecticut on a full athletic scholarship and then received a doctorate degree from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed post graduate studies and physiological therapeutics at National University of Health Science in Lombardi, Illinois and received a fellowship in medical acupuncture from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture in Carefree, Arizona.  In addition, he is certified by the American Biomechanical and Bioengineering Association.

Since 1990, Dr. Ziegler has provided families with health care, focusing on prevention and healing to promote optimal wellness.  As an expert, his approach is whole body and mind to include scientific approaches including the use of acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, vitamin supplements and physical medicine. He takes all aspects of the patient's lifestyle into account and uses integrative medicine to facilitate the healing response. Dr. Ziegler strives to create a partnership with his patient to better understand the complex interactions between mind, body and spirit while incorporating their unique internal and external environments into treatment plans.

Thousands of people have seen Dr. Ziegler due to his regular contributions to national and local media organizations such as: ABC's "Good Morning America", ABC's "News Channel 8", Northern Virginia Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine and Your Health Magazine.  In addition, he is a consultant to the medical office of the Japanese Embassy and has served as an expert witness for multiple jury trials.  Dr. Ziegler finds true passion in healthcare and fitness and has completed both Marine Corps and New York City Marathon's multiple times.

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Mandana Shafai, M.D.

Dr. Mandana Shafai is board certified in Internal Medicine with over 20 years in Primary Care Medicine experience. She was an honor graduate from Wright State University Medical School in Dayton, Ohio and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University Hospital in 1996. She has taught as an Attending Physician at The Georgetown Clinic and the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Virginia. She was the Preceptor for the Physician’s Assistant Program at Howard University and the Guest Speaker for Cancer Prevention and Screening at Planning Research Corporation (PRC). Dr. Shafai was invited as a speaker to discuss various health related issues on “The Voice of America”, which was aired in many Middle Eastern Countries.
It is Dr. Shafai’s goal to find the underlying cause of your illness versus “putting a bandaid on the symptom.”  Her mission is to join you on your journey to balanced health through prevention, education, proper nutrition, stress management, and supplemental injections.  Utilizing her extensive training in both traditional and holistic health, she treats your acute and chronic illnesses, such as: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol & asthma; and performs physical & well woman exams.
To achieve optimal health, she believes in identifying and treating bodily symptoms, imbalances, causes and dysfunctions.  Her functional and integrative focus promotes patient-centered medical healing.  Dr. Shafai’s special interests include: thyroid disorders, digestive ailments (Leaky Gut), nutritional deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, and weight loss.  She also specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for perimenopausal & postmenopausal women, including the treatment of hormonal imbalances in men. She offers both traditional and comprehensive blood testing to detect toxins & food allergies; as well as, hormonal levels and vitamin deficiencies through the use of hair, saliva and/or stool analysis.

Dr. Shafai welcomes patients for sick office visits and preventative care.  Her reputation and dedication has continued to expand her practice.  In the 20 years that she has been in primary care, Dr. Shafai has developed a loyal following of patients who continue to follow her throughout the years.

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Emily Chang is a licensed acupuncturist and a diplomat in acupuncture certified by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Emily holds a degree of Masters of Acupuncture at Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute) in Laurel, Maryland. Prior to acupuncture school, she went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and received Bachelor's degree in Chemistry.

She is now the (5) fifth generation carrying on the path of a healer, raised in a family practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are holistic approaches to conventional Western Medicine and are marvelous holistic tools for the prevention, maintenance and treatment of various ailments and health problems. They offer safe and effective methods to balance the mind, body and spirit.

"My goal is to improve the health of my patients using the natural and proven methods of Oriental Medicine which help the body heal itself restore comfort, confidence and happiness in the patient. A unique treatment plan is designed for each patient to address his or her specific concerns I would like to assist you in your journey to the best possible health. I specialize in the treatment of chronic and acute pain management, in fertility, sinus problems, allergy, migraines, headaches, women's issues, psychological disorders, hormonal imbalance and immune disorders.”

She is active and proud partner of the American Pregnancy Association (APAP). The mission of the organization is to promote reproductive and pregnancy wellness.


Seol Yoon comes to us as a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist that is licensed in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. She is a board certified diplomat in Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology) from National Certification Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She earned a Master’s degree of Acupuncture from Arirang University and she continues to have a formal working agreement with the University. Prior to her Acupuncture degree, she has completed a Master’s degree in Chinese Education and A Bachelor’s degree in Chinese studies from Korea. Seol Yoon has studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), is skilled in Korean SaAm Acupuncture and Tung’s Acupuncture which is known to be very powerful yet gentle. She is also trained Pattern Tongue diagnosis for customizing Acupuncture and Herbal medicine protocols.

Acupuncture aims to restore the natural balance of the body's Qi, and in effect the body heals itself in the process. Seol Yoon focuses on natural healing which is geared towards identifying and healing the root cause along with treating the symptoms of the health issue. Not only does she treat the health issue but would also educate patients on natural healing methods and herbal medicine to prevent future medical needs.

Seol Yoon welcomes all individuals in need of care for pain management, psychological disorders, women’s health issues and other barriers to optimum wellness. She also welcomes the collaborative use of western medicine and the use of natural healing methods of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine for the best result. 

Alyson Fliakas, MSPT

Alyson Fliakas is a life long Arlingtonian with an undergraduate degree from University of Delaware in Fitness Management and a graduate degree in Physical Therapy (MSPT)  from Marymount University. Her focus has been practicing in the field of outpatient orthopedic PT for over 16 years. She treats issues ranging from post surgical to generalized weakness, this includes all orthopaedic issues from your head to your toes. Her treatment style focuses on hands on PT with exercises for your specific areas of concern. Each patient is unique in how their symptoms present therefore each treatment is individualized. It is her philosophy that the responsibility of recovery falls mainly on the patient. You must be willing to work outside of PT in order to improve


Dr. Michelle Lee is a licensed Acupuncturist in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. She earned her advanced doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego and NYC. She has completed her undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors of Science in Biology, and a minor in Neuroscience.

Dr. Lee is a board certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology from the National Certification Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is also Certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) for behavioral health, including addictions, mental health and disaster & emotional trauma-where her acupunture treatments helped patients deal with and recover from abuse

Dr. Lee's integrative approach bridges the cultural divide between conventional Western medicine with Eastern techniques. She uses only the best practices from both approaches to medical care,
which are all backed by proven research and studies or historical traditions. Because of the holistic nature of TCM, basically any ailment can be benefited! Dr. Lee has been practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over (10) ten years. She has extensive knowledge in treating various types of pain from headaches to plantar fasciitis, exercise-related injuries, sleeping difficulties, detoxification and reproductive and gynecological conditions. Her services have increased women's positive and healthy pregnancy and birthing experiences. Her compassionate and considerate approach encourages a tranquil environment for healing and well-being.